Sunday, December 6, 2015

 The newer ART

Certifiably Complications

Sure things have been hard, life is full of certifiably complications. The anesthesia of living inject or implants no cure. but leaves the scars of argument. Even with reducing sensation and feeling the surgery of our souls has not better techniques than time. Words are more the cosmetic surgery, planned were there are too few choices. They say laughter can cure many illnesses, restore our health, a cure is firmly inserted to make us fuller. For me the years have been more the way of performing the emergency evacuation of a everyday procedure. I am marked, not on my skin but wounded and scared, the damaged the same. Like all people, shipwrecked, we learn to assimilate and write the saga. The rite and ritually of a folklore, under a rigidly controlled system, consume and incorporate. Even under a system of abuse and control, the homeless live and learn, the traditional myths of a thousands years. I have been preserved, if not in clay or stone as some fossilized dinosaur in my mind.
The extra some de facto notion of a counter burden. I learned about the new paradigm of prejudice and oppression by burden of debts. Art and what is governed between urgent issues and freedom, is discriminatory. Keep down by the heavily weight, oppressed intimidation for thinking, no defense

Today The Bright-Eyed Artist

Today I'm a bright-eyed Artist, or that is what it says on my Passport, retired person Artist. More the symbols of assumptions, symbols are enhancement or distractions, as extrinsic as the art work itself. The kindred notion of symbolic art, reflected as the Unicorn Tapestries or Dali's drooping watches. But Art like Artist living in the Bosch's Garden of Delights, are more the symbolic styles of life and subject matter. Allusions of Irish Landscapes and the still-life, only we confine ourselves as example, as purely abstract or decorative. Words are symbolize or non-symbolic, they represent matter and no matter, if that matters at all. The classification dilemma, according to the external use and extraneous picture, we reference the obvious, the vocabulary aesthetic and artistic significance that is the character of human focused attention at any given distracting moment in time. Yes, in the end we are concentrated on the insistence of the pure symbolized conclusion of time as art and art as time.
Time as the string of words, stands for itself: Time, applies to itself among other rhythm's or reading point the adjustment assigned. Time and space, represents nothing, a unicorn on the tapestry, a Bosch's painting, but outside the symbols, symbols that symbolize do not lie entirely of time.
Being representational involves no representation of anything outside of them, who can object to that?
So, my life is more the Abstract expressionist representational world, more the pure of it.
Working for a quick trip, the work out, with great emotion, and that represents a need and goal as the possible.

The Winter And The Clear-Eyed Boy

The winter, the clear-eyed boy feels more confident in his abilities, within the human trenches of diversity. How to live, as if there could be a right way, potentially all roads could be the wrong one, or limitless in ones effort. Pouring-out some personal account , just one more practice in the art of epigraph, if not a tombstone . Like all Tombstones, that are made to last, in the end the earth will reclaim.
Human experience, the accounts add up, as the parts of a conversation, a generated commentary, messy, frustrated and often awkward attempt at glory. Building a mountain, one pebble at a time, at the end an old man seats on top of it and looks out at his own end, a refection on the present moment, as all moments in time. The ant hill and microcosm of the mountain tops, at the top of the ant hill the Ant is accretive, the man only forgotten and changed, evolved as his life has taken different turns.
The great landslide, only a pebble falling, or the sky opens and the raindrops come in accumulative songs, prolific productions.
Cold nights, are accumulative, if not prolific in perspective, a landslide of cold, a foundational metaphor of connectivity resources. The weather is recounting the experiences, sustenance and ritual, struggle mirrored in geographical shared sense of community of mind. The pebbles, only ideas, fragments spilled over, histories illustrated at a coffeeshop, the self-portrait depicted by free will.
The bitter battle, a life always too short, and fought with small and uncertain successes, life is shamefully limited, in a dramatically insulting way so often. Ant-hills and Mountain tops, Ants or Humans dependent on the perspective, a point of view and order.
Cold nights or antediluvian survival, a study in rocking life imparted by tides of great Gods, that drop from the sky, transparent, you rise your head for the event, and plunge back into the ensuing landslides.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art Work to Review : New

 New ART works, always interesting to see something come from nothing. Sometimes there is a surprise in store.  The image tells a story so often, about feeling or just a new view of everyday objects.


  The meal, with friends, offering a bird to sing, the conversation is open and alone both warm and

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seem like it has been some time for that I have written down if not typed on the keyboard of time.
Many things are happening in my life, as in most lives happen can not be helped.
 No matter what I do, doing is what I be doing, in a matter of word or speech.  The Schedule
of days and hours or moment of time, takes me from here and there, mostly here not so ofter there.
 Art and Writing become a system of thinking, the visual and the visual communication system of words.  Words are visual for to be sure of this as fact.  My last working ART work is more the story,
but no less the visual of expression.
No a titled work, but more a feeling of time a PLAYROOM in days gone by or timeless days, the reflection of space and action of the human mind can open up the Pandora's Box or the window
of imagination.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

 I had some update problems that now seems to be ended-
 Hope to be back with new postings- very soon